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Junk Hauling Services vary from one service to another based on a few important variables.

Franchises have to pay franchise fees, adding to their overall costs.  In addition, most chains use smaller “fun-sized” trucks for junk hauling prices, St. Louis Junk Hauling Pricespick-ups.  This results in higher costs to you if you have more items then the fun-sized truck can handle.  A small truck also has a higher cost per cu/yard of disposal than a large one.  This cost also has to be passed on to the consumer.  Skip’s Junk Hauling only uses large trucks for pick-ups.

Take a look at the pricing comparison below to get an estimate of your Junk Removal Price:

These prices are only estimates to help you understand what to roughly expect in hauling fees from Skip’s and the National Chain Junk Hauling Companies.  Skip’s will give you the cost estimate on the phone or in person after viewing the total load to be removed.

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